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"Digital holography with single-pixel detectors and compressive sensing"
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Enrique Tajahuerce
GROC-UJI, Instituto de Nuevas Tecnologías de la Imagen (INIT), Universitat Jaume I, 12071-
Castellón, Spain.
Friday, April 1, 2022
12:00 hrs.
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Computational imaging techniques based on structured light allow the use of non-pixelated light sensors. The method is based on sampling with a set of micro-structured light patterns, while a simple pattern of microstructured light, while a simple light detector, e.g. a photodiode, records the light The method is based on sampling with a set of microstructured light patterns, while a simple light detector, for example, a photodiode, records the intensity of the light transmitted, reflected, or scattered by the object. The images are numerically reconstructed from the photocurrent signal using different mathematical algorithms. A common approach is to use light patterns that encode functions of a basis, such as the functions of a basis, such as Hadamard or Fourier components. In that case, the images are recovered by a simple basis transformation. The technique is very well adapted to compressive sensing techniques.

The simplicity of the light detector device, which can consist of a single pixel, allows it to work efficiently in conditions where light is scarce. It also facilitates the measurement of the spatial distribution of multiple optical properties of light, such as polarization state or spectral content. Single-pixel detectors make it possible to utilize a wider spectral range compared to conventional cameras, which helps to extend imaging techniques to spectral regions of the imaging techniques to exotic spectral regions. In addition, single-pixel cameras have demonstrated certain advantages for imaging through turbid media. In this lecture, we review the fundamentals of computational imaging techniques using structured light and single-pixel detection are reviewed. The discussion focuses on optical systems using Hadamard patterns as sampling functions. In addition, emphasis is placed on compressive sensing techniques, which allow reducing the measurement time. Finally, applications of the technique in the field of digital holography are described.

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